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Dino Crisis All DDK door's passwords
1=Enter "HEAD" to open the Chief's Room door.

2=Back to Main Entrance. To unlock this door enter "NEWCOMER".

3=In B1 Hall, input "LABORATORY" to unlock the door.

4=Back to Computer room, insert your Key Card in the key card device. Regina will call Gail for help. After that, you have to use your DDK Disc and enter "ENERGY".

5=In Rest Station room, enter WATERWAY to unlock the door.

6=In the room were you enter the B2 chips 1 and 2, there is a DDK door. Unlock this door by entering "STABILIZER".

7=In the Parts Storage room there is also a door. Enter DOCTORKIRK to unlock this door.

Dino Crisis B1 Library computer code
3695-Access code for computer in the library Room on floor B1

Dino Crisis Chief's Vault Combo
Type in 705037 at the vault. It will open and reveal the card to Dr. Kirk's secret lab in the control room

Dino Crisis Gas Experiment Room keycode
7248-Access code to unlock Gas Experiment room

Dino Crisis John Doyle's ID number
57036-ID for John Doyle

Dino Crisis Lounge safe combo
The combo for the lounge on the 2nd floor is 8159

Dino Crisis Management office safe combo
0426-Combo for the safe in the Management Office

Dino Crisis Parts Storage computer code
364204-Access code for the computer in the Parts Storage Area

Dino Crisis Paul Baker's ID number
59104-ID for Paul Baker

Dino Crisis Registration Numbers
Here are the the two registration numbers you need for the ID Card:

Mark Doyle-57036

Dr. Kirk-31415
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